Return To Manomin


Documentary (2011), 72 min., HD

Realizing they are only a few years away from the complete loss of an ancient tradition, four generations of a family struggle to return to their traditional wild rice (Manomin) lake.

The Life You Want

The Life You Want

This film has recently featured in articles in the Ottawa Citizen, The Vancouver Sun,, Montreal Gazette and coast-to-coast on CBC Radio One’s “The Current” (part 2). Documentary (2011), 34 […]

Emerging From the Rubble


Documentary (in post), 14min., HD

A unique artistic movement has established itself in the strangest place, a massive rubble pile leftover from the demolition of an old grain elevator located along the harbour front in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

The Healing Lens


Documentary (2009), 46min., HD

Sometimes art imitates life, and when it does, it can be very therapeutic. Four Anishinabek (Ojibway) youth actors are forever changed as they discover striking parallels between the fictional characters they play and their own lives.

To My Son In Spain: Finnish Canadians in the Spanish Civil War


Documentary (2009), 42 min., DVCam

This documentary features the story of Jules Paivio and 1700 other Canadians who volunteered to fight alongside the Spanish people against a fascist coup d’etat in 1936-37.

Woodland Spirits


Documentary (2007), 28 min., DVCPro

Three generations of Woodland (Anishinawbe) artists are featured in this documentary exploring the interconnections between modern and ancient art, the land, and the importance of the traditional Ojibway value of intergenerational mentorship.

As Long As The Rivers Flow: Story of the Grassy Narrows Blockade


Documentary (2003), 53 min., DV

In December 2002, a small group of teenagers from Grassy Narrows First Nation started laying down in front of logging trucks. The youth have since led their community into what has become the longest standing blockade in Canadian history.