From project concept to completion, our product quality and the professionalism of our award-winning team sets Thunderstone Pictures apart. We make film and video products that stir the heart and that people enjoy using, not that end up sitting on a shelf.

We strive to provide a collaborative creative experience that leaves our clients feeling they’ve achieved something truly special with their project.

We provide the full range of professional film and video production services to meet your needs. Most of all, our track record demonstrates a proven ability to produce everything from smaller more intimate films to full-scale, cinema quality, award-winning productions.

We’ll work with you through every step of the process to ensure that you’re completely satisfied and the motion picture product makes you look good.

The Process

Here is a breakdown of the filmmaking process so you can know the steps required to make your vision a reality (may vary from project to project). All you need is a rough idea and we’ll work with you from there.  [Click on Tabs]


Concept Development
Production Planning
Location Scouting


Production Management


Music (ie. working with a composer or music library)
Computer Graphics
Online Editing / Special Effects
Sound Mixing
DVD Packaging (we will design!)
DVD Duplication (we’ll broker duplication of your videos through a third party for maximum quality)


Our rates are carefully thought-out and designed to ensure your complete satisfaction with the product. In this era of accessible desktop video production you need professionals to make your video stand out.  Anyone can pick up a video camera, but knowing how to use it is another thing all together. We are experts in building compelling narrative and fashioning video products that both inform and emote.

While some local companies will quote you slightly cheaper rates, they will not be able to achieve the quality of a Thunderstone Pictures production. When it comes to film and video it is quality counts. Remember, it’s your image at stake.